3 Ways Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry Can Change Your Life

While many patients often have to get a single tooth restored, restorative dentistry in Gilbert, AZ, can be far more in-depth. For example, some patients have decay or deterioration problems with multiple teeth that need to be addressed. Procedures to correct these issues can be highly effective for restoring your smile and the function of your teeth, but there are many ways restorative procedures can be life-changing.

Boosting Self-Confidence and Appearance

When teeth break down or have to be extracted, it can also change the shape of your face, how you speak, and even the sound of your voice. The ability to share a smile when you feel the urge to do so without feeling self-conscious means a lot to your overall self-confidence.

Improving Oral Function and Health

While your smile is an aesthetic part of your appearance, your teeth perform an important role. After all, food digestion begins in the mouth, where you chew your food. Further, the inability to chew can limit your nutritional choices. For example, raw vegetables and fruits can be difficult to chew if you have bad teeth, and these foods can be extremely nutritious.

Preventing Future Dental Issues

Smile restoration can also protect your remaining teeth from further damage. For instance, if you have several decayed teeth on one side of your mouth, you will always be inclined to chew on the other side of the mouth. This can lead to uneven wear and undue stress on teeth that may have no issues. However, restoring the teeth that have issues will even out your bite and chewing habits.

Discuss Restorative Dentistry with a Skilled Gilbert, AZ Dentist

If you have multiple concerns about your smile, working with a skilled Gilbert dentist for restorations could be all-out life-changing. Contact our team at Kathy Jacobson Contemporary Dentistry to schedule a consultation.