Process of Getting Dental Veneers

The process of getting dental veneers is very straightforward, especially when compared to other dental treatments, such as dental implants. Still, there are steps involved that it’s helpful to be aware of. If you want dental veneers in Gilbert, AZ, here’s a breakdown of what’s involved.

Consultation and Planning

During your initial consultation to determine if you’re a viable candidate for dental veneers, treatment planning will begin. This is when your dentist will explain all the steps involved in detail. You’ll also have a chance to discuss your expectations and goals. This is also when you and your dentist choose a type and shade of dental veneers that best suit your needs.


Next, your dentist must prepare your teeth for the veneers. The dentist will remove about 0.5 millimeters of enamel from the tooth surface or about the thickness of the veneers to be added. This is often done under local anesthesia or with sedation dentistry to minimize discomfort.


The dentist will then take impressions of each of the teeth that are getting veneers. The impressions are a model or mold, which will be sent to a dental lab. At the lab, they’ll use the impressions to make veneers that fit as perfectly as possible on each tooth. Note that the dental lab needs some time to manufacture the veneers, including staining them with the exact hue. You can expect this to take from several days to a week or more.


When the veneers come back to your dentist, you’ll have your next appointment. The surface of the teeth will be roughened up slightly. This is done to ensure correct adhesion when the veneers are placed. Then, the dentist will meticulously fit the veneers to your teeth for final placement.

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How Long do Veneers Last?

Dental veneers can enable you to have an attractive smile despite having imperfect teeth. They can cover a range of cosmetic imperfections, such as gaps, permanent stains and more. If you’re contemplating dental veneers in Gilbert, AZ, learn more about how long you can expect them to last.

How Long do Dental Veneers Last?

Dental veneers don’t last forever. But they can last for a decade or up to 15 years, depending on certain factors. In optimal circumstances, dental veneers can last up to 15 years. Otherwise, the lifespan may be closer to ten years.

The Importance of Quality Veneers

It’s important to be choosy about where you get your dental veneers. Quality veneers will look better, fit better and last longer. And remember that you should always get your dental veneers from a dentist with experience, such as your dentist in Gilbert, AZ. If you want your investment in veneers to last as long as possible, you need a great dentist and quality veneers.

How to Make Dental Veneers Last

At home, you can make your dental veneers last with a few simple lifestyle adjustments. This includes being aware of the vulnerabilities of veneers. You can speak, bite and chew with veneers just as you can with your natural teeth. But you also need to protect them. For instance, avoid chewing ice or biting into excessively hard foods like peanut brittle. Also don’t use your teeth like a tool. Don’t try to open jars or shrink wrap with your teeth. Wear a protective mouth guard when engaging in sports, even amateur sports.

When you get dental veneers, your dentist will tell you what precautions you should take in order to protect them. Dental veneers are a simple, easy and effective solution to imperfect teeth. When you follow the advice of your dentist in Gilbert, AZ, you can make them last up to 15 years or more. Contact us to book an appointment for a consultation about dental veneers.

Have Questions About Dental Veneers? We Have Answers!

Veneers are a tool used in dentistry to cover up cosmetic problems like stains, discolorations, cracks, chips and other problems with your teeth. Veneers can give your teeth a uniform appearance that can help restore confidence in your smile. Your dentist in Gilbert, AZ, can help you get veneers if you believe this dental tool is right for you. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about dental veneers.

What are dental veneers?

A dental veneer is a cap placed on the front of the tooth to cover up the actual shape and appearance. Dental veneers are colored like the other teeth in the mouth to ensure that they look natural.

What’s the difference between a dental veneer and a dental crown?

Dental veneers are different from crowns because a crown is placed over the entire tooth, and a veneer is only placed over the front of the tooth. Crowns serve a structural purpose because they can protect weakened tooth enamel from damage. Veneers are cosmetic only and have little or no structural value.

Who benefits from dental veneers?

Anyone with healthy teeth and gums who is suffering from a cosmetic defect like permanent stains or discolorations can likely benefit from dental veneers.

Are dental veneers permanent?

Dental veneers are a permanent solution because in order for a dental veneer to be installed, the tooth must first be shaved down to make room for the veneer. Once the tooth has been shaved down, a veneer should always be attached to the front of the tooth.

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Boost Your Confidence with Stunning Veneers

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you. It has the power to leave lasting impressions and boost your self-confidence. At Kathy Jacobsen Contemporary Dentistry, a leading Dentist in Gilbert, AZ, we specialize in crafting beautiful smiles with stunning veneers, providing you with the confidence you deserve.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain or composite resin that are custom-made to fit over your teeth. They offer a swift solution for enhancing the appearance of your smile, effectively addressing issues like discoloration, chips, cracks, or gaps between your teeth.

The Magic of Veneers

Veneers work like magic, instantly transforming your smile. Whether it’s a single tooth or your entire smile, veneers provide a natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance. They’re custom-designed to match the color, size, and shape of your natural teeth, ensuring a seamless integration for a dazzling smile.

Boosting Your Confidence

A bright, flawless smile can do wonders for your self-esteem. Veneers provide an immediate confidence boost, empowering you to smile, laugh, and engage with others without any hesitation. Plus, veneers are durable and resistant to staining, ensuring your smile stays brilliant for years to come.

Why Choose Kathy Jacobsen Contemporary Dentistry?

At Kathy Jacobsen Contemporary Dentistry, we believe in the transformative power of a beautiful smile. Our caring and expert team is committed to delivering personalized, high-quality dental care, creating stunning veneers that enhance your natural beauty and confidence.

If you’re ready to unlock the power of a confident smile with stunning veneers, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Let us help you reveal your best smile and boost your confidence.