February is Dental Health month! Dental cavities are on the rise and we want to help our patients remain cavity free. We would like to spotlight easy ways to keep kids smiles cavity free.

1. Effective brushing twice a day.
Children need to remove the plaque that sits on the teeth every morning and every night. A timer can help them brush for the recommended 2 minutes. There are also rinses that color the plaque so parents can check to see if they did a thorough job.
2. Regular dental check ups.
We recommend every 6 months because kids are prone to cavities and we like to catch these early. Dental disease is the most common disease in children.

3. Healthy Diet!
I am amazed at what kids eat. Fresh fruits and veggies are essential to a healthy body and smile. Remember they will usually eat what they are given so put out carrots, grapes and apple slices. I usually have grapes next to chips at a party and the grapes always go first. Try it and see.

4. Dental Sealants.
Sealants can reduce the risk of a cavity up to 80% and can last 10years. The dental sealant protects the chewing surface from getting a cavity. We place BPA free sealants in our office and they are generally covered by dental insurance.

During the month of February sealants will be buy one get one free. Call today to schedule so we can protect the teeth from decay!

— Kathy

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