Do All Dentists Offer Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry has become a popular service for many dental practices because it offers patients a way to get through even the most involved procedures — no matter how anxious they are about being in the chair. If you’re wondering if all dentists in Gilbert, AZ, offer sedation dentistry, it’s worth learning more about how different offices work.

How Universal Is Sedation Dentistry?

Every dental practice has its own rhythms and priorities, and it’s not always easy to tell what those are unless you’ve been visiting the same place for several years. In the case of sedation dentistry, not every dentist will offer these services, so it’s important to figure out what you’re looking for before settling on one over the other.

It’s worth noting that minimal sedation is relatively common, meaning you likely won’t have to search very hard (if at all) to find a list of dentists who offer some degree of sedation. However, if you’re looking for moderate and deep sedation, the dentist will require more training (plus certification) to administer the proper dosage.

Sedation Dentistry in Gilbert, AZ

If you’re looking for sedation dentistry in Gilbert, AZ, it’s important to talk to someone who knows the ins and outs of the field. At Kathy Jaconsen Contemporary Dentistry, you’ll find local, oral, and IV sedation and standard minimal sedation like nitrous oxide (or laughing gas). If you’ve been putting off any dental work, either because you know the diagnosis or you’re nervous about hearing it, calling us is the first step toward getting it checked off your list. The best part is that, with the help of sedation dentistry, it may not be anything like you think.