Update of the diagnosis and prevention of Latex-associated allergic reactions

Infection Prevention

Preventing Disease Transmission from Operatory Surfaces

Something to Smile About with Dr Michel Sucher

Pain Management with Dr Vermani

Minimal prep and prep less veneers with David Hornbrook

Takaacs Learning Center

Crown Council Annual Event San Antonio

The Esthetic Zone

Keys to Success in Restorative Dentistry

Advanced Concepts in Adhesion Dentistry

University of Colorado Advanced Education in Dentistry

Appliance Therapy with Space Maintainers

Patterson Dental Dental Materials

Anterior/Posterior Adhesive Restorative Dentistry with denMat

Advanced Concepts in Adhesion Dentistry

Advanced Anterior Esthetics at Las Vegas Institute of Dental Studies

Contemporary Periodontal Concepts on Implant Innovations

Orthodontic Aligners

Esthetic Concepts with Jeff Blank

The Art of Endodontics with Stephen Buchanan

Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry with Carl Misch

Street Drugs with Harold Crossley

Infection Control and Emerging Diseases with Chris Miller

Fixed Prosthodontics with Micheal Koczarski

Esthetics with Rhys Spoor

Operative Dentistry with Gary Radz

Obviously continuing education is very important to me. I constantly strive to learn the latest and the best techniques in dentistry. I am committed to constantly be learning for myself and my patients. I am pleased to be able to provide all the latest techniques to Gilbert.

Kathy Jacobsen DMD
1170 N Gilbert Rd #125
Gilbert, AZ

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