Unsure About Your Need for Dental Work? Schedule a Virtual Consultation

Kathy Jacobsen Contemporary Dentistry specializes ingeneral and family dentistry, and we are passionate about building client relationships that span the decades from early childhood through our patients’ senior years.

What exactly does that mean?

To us, it means utilizing all available means to provide responsible service to you and your family. One of those innovative services is the ability to conduct virtual consultations. These online sessions can be game changers, allowing quick responses to your questions and defining various options for specialized treatment.

We want our clients to feel free to ask about normal timing for the appearance of a child’s first teeth, about the need for teenage braces, or dental implants for an aging parent. We want to guide our dental “family” through all the possible paths for lifelong dental care. And, during a virtual chat, we can also “see” what we’re talking about.

At Kathy Jacobsen, we offer virtual consultation as a popular precursor to an initial office examination. It not only provides the information we need to help you choose the best course of action, but it can shorten the time required to take action. It is a supplement to an in-office examination, not a substitute, but it can help speed the process. We can respond to questions about treatment and cost, formulate a care plan, and schedule desired dental work that aligns with your lifestyle and needs.

We’re pretty proud of the work we do!

If you’re considering cosmetic work to enhance your smile or wondering if you might be a candidate for restorative dentistry, call to request a virtual consultation before scheduling an office visit. Our virtual meeting will lay the groundwork for future care, saving us all time. We consider that a win-win situation.

Call our Gilbert office now, and let’s arrange a convenient time for that visual chat.

3 Top Reasons to Choose a General Dentistry Practice

In an age of increasing specialization, it may be the intuitive choice to select a practice specializing in pediatric dentistry for your child or to seek out a specialist in crowns, implants, and dentures as you age. However, atKathy Jacobsen Contemporary Dentistry in Gilbert, AZ, we believe in the continuity of care that provides you and your family with a lifetime of dental expertise.

We strive to establish lasting relationships that last from childhood through adulthood. We believe there’s value in tapping into the familial history of oral care and solutions.

Our family practice extends from assuring new parents that a baby’s first teeth are emerging properly and at the right time to assessing the need for teenage orthodontics, middle-age whitening or tooth straightening, and senior implants.

Decades of Experience

Dr. Kathy Jacobsen is a board-certified dentist dedicated to building lasting relationships. Not only has she built a highly-successful practice in general dentistry but she has also established a team of dental professionals and staff that are tops in their individual specialties and subscribe to her principles of service to the family and to the community.

Virtual Consultations

We understand that every family is busy these days, so at Kathy Jacobsen Contemporary Dentistry, we keep pace by offering virtual chat opportunities for our clients to discuss their dental concerns from the privacy of their own homes.

Not only does it save time, but it also allows the dental team to assess patient needs better and schedule services at minimally disruptive times.

Advanced Dental Technologies

The improvements in dental care and modern technology mean that we can more easily identify dental problems and ensure lasting oral health. It makes good sense to place the care of your teeth, gums, and mouth on a continuum from childhood to senior status, doesn’t it?

We certainly believe it does. And that’s something to smile about!

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4 Dangers of Losing a Natural Tooth

When you lose a natural tooth, it’s traumatizing. No one wants to lose a permanent tooth, even thoughdental implants in Gilbert, AZ, are available at Kathy Jacobsen Contemporary Dentistry. But if you do lose a natural tooth, it’s imperative that you act quickly to avoid additional problems. Losing a natural tooth isn’t just a cosmetic issue. The loss can increase even if you don’t visit your dentist immediately. Here are four dangers to be aware of:

1. Bone Loss

When a tooth is missing, there is no pressure on the bone immediately above the gap. Without that pressure, the bone will atrophy, decreasing bone density and volume. This condition can even change the structure and appearance of your face. This complicates any future plans for a dental implant, too.

2. Shifting of Teeth

Each tooth is a placeholder in addition to its other functions. Without that placeholder, the other teeth will begin to shift. Over time, this can lead to a larger misalignment of the teeth and can even cause TMJ to develop.

3. Speech Impairments

The loss of certain teeth—particularly the front teeth—can cause speech impairments, such as lisps. It can also affect the ability to sing, whistle, and make other common sounds.

4. Increased Risk of Infections

Gaps caused by losing a natural tooth can act like traps for food particles and bacteria, increasing the risk of oral infections, gum disease, and tooth decay in adjacent teeth. Periodontal disease, which is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and other systemic health issues, can also be exacerbated by tooth loss.

If you’ve lost a natural tooth or have a permanent tooth in danger of falling out, please visit yourGilbert, AZ, dentist as soon as possible for treatment.

Young mother with daughter at dentist office

What to Expect At Your Baby’s First Dental Appointment

Your child will likely start growing their first teeth by the time they turn one year old. When they do, it’s important to bring your child to the dentist for the first time. Getting early dental care is important because it can help thedentist in Gilbert, AZ, identify any dental problems your child may have. If your child needs intervention or treatment, then they’ll get that dental care they need.

Bringing your baby to the dentist for the first time can be a great experience, but it helps to know more about what to expect during the appointment. At Kathy Jacobsen Contemporary Dentistry, we help patients have a good experience when they bring their child to the dentist for the first time. Here’s what you need to know.


During your baby’s first dental examination, the dentist will look inside their mouth to see that everything is developing normally. They’ll inspect your child’s teeth, but it won’t take very long. The examination will not take as long as the dental examinations you experience when you go to the dentist because your baby will not have the same kind of tolerance that you do.

Talk With the Dentist

The dentist will invite you to ask any questions that you may have about taking care of your baby’s teeth. Your baby will need you to brush their teeth for them. Brushing a baby’s teeth differs from brushing your own, so the dentist may need to advise you on how this is done.

Ready to Bring Your Baby to the Dentist? Call Today

At Kathy Jacobsen Contemporary Dentistry, we help children maintain healthy teeth and gums from an early age. To bring your child for adental examination in Gilbert, AZ, call today to make an appointment.

3 Steps to a Better Smile

We live in a time when you have lots of options for improving your smile. Your dentist in Gilbert, AZ can help you have a better smile in a very short time, so there’s no reason for you to put it off any longer. Here is your path of three steps to a better smile.

Step 1: Consultation and Assessment

A consultation and assessment is needed in order for your dentist to ascertain a baseline. This is when you can tell your dentist what your goals are. Then you and the dentist can discuss your various options, depending upon your current oral health situation. You’ll also be able to get an idea of how long it will take to achieve the smile you desire.

Step 2: Choose Your Cosmetic Services

There are many cosmetic dentistry services in Gilbert, AZ for you to choose from. They include:

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening can lighten your teeth by several shades in just one session, offering immediate and long-lasting results. This is a great way to kick off your smile transformation, letting you see firsthand just how great the benefits can be.

Porcelain Veneers

Custom-made porcelain shells are crafted to mimic the natural appearance of your teeth, providing a lifelike and long-lasting transformation. Only a handful of dental visits are needed to get veneers.

Dental Crowns

Made from porcelain, ceramic, or even gold, dental crowns are designed to encase the entire visible portion of a tooth, improving its shape, size, and color. Crowns are especially useful for teeth that are too discolored for whitening or too damaged for veneers.

Dental Bridges

Unlike removable dentures, bridges are fixed prosthetic devices that are anchored to adjacent teeth. They fill the gap left by missing teeth, restoring both function and appearance.

Step 3: Contact Us!

Contact your dentist in Gilbert, AZ today to learn about all the possibilities for improving your smile. We look forward to hearing from you!