Can You Get Gum Disease After Having a Dental Implant?

Have you been thinking about getting dental implants? If so, you probably want to learn more first. Your dentist in Gilbert, AZ, would be happy to answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision about what is right for you. One of the most common questions asked about dental implants is, “Can you develop gum disease after having a dental implant?” The answer might surprise you.

Let’s take a look.

Can You Get Gum Disease After Having a Dental Implant?
You might be surprised to learn that after you get a dental implant, your chances of developing gum disease don’t go away. If you put off getting the proper care, you could develop peri-implantitis, which is just another form of gum disease.

Peri-implantitis occurs when an overload of bacteria affects the gum tissue and bone around a dental implant. When that happens, you will need to see your dentist about which treatment for gum disease in Gilbert, AZ, they recommend for you.

The symptoms of peri-implantitis are as follows:

Bad breath
Loosening implant
How to Avoid Peri-Implantitis
Advanced peri-implantitis can cause your dental implant to fail and fall out completely. However, peri-implantitis can be avoided. Prevention is the key. You can use the following tips to help keep from getting peri-implantitis.

Adopt good brushing and flossing habits.
Visit your dentist regularly — twice a year at the minimum.
Talk with your dentist about a preventive treatment to stop bacteria before it starts.
Eat a healthy diet.
Stop smoking or vaping — these are big risk factors for getting peri-implantitis!
If you do develop peri-implantitis, treatment options are available to stop the disease. A peri-implantitis treatment will help stabilize and fix your implant. Talk with your dentist about what treatment options they recommend for your specific situation.

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