1. Opt for Smile-Friendly Stocking Stuffers:

Nearly everyone indulges in more sweets than they usually would throughout the holidays. The National Confectioners Association says, “77% of people include candy in holiday gifts.” Instead of having too many candy canes or other sticky, hard candies eat more chocolate. Chocolate is much easier to brush off whereas other candies leave a stickier coating on your teeth that can be extremely difficult to remove. This sticky coating contains sugar that will erode your enamel if not taken care of properly. Remember though, taking care of your smile is still necessary regardless of your candy choice. This Christmas, let’s say yes to chocolate santas and no to tooth decay

2. Carol While You Brush:

One of the easiest ways to brush for a full two minutes is to listen to a song that’s two minutes long. Create a playlist of your favorite holiday music to listen to whenever you brush your teeth. This way you’ll ensure that every time you brush, you’re doing it correctly. Remember to do it at least twice a day, (and you’ll definitely make Santa’s nice list if you add in a song to floss to).

3. Never Open Gifts with Your Teeth:

As tempting as it can be to use your teeth to open a present, please just take that short walk to the kitchen or craft area to grab a pair of scissors. If you’re a younger reader, simply ask someone for help unwrapping. Your teeth were made for eating, not to unwrap the gift your mom spent an hour making sure was secure enough to prevent any peeking. If you use your teeth to open your presents, you risk cracking or damaging a tooth and even injuring your jaw. There’s also the chance you could accidentally swallow something you shouldn’t (Christmas cookies taste much better anyway).

4. Stick to Your Routine:

Between holiday parties, travel, and other festivities, it’s easy to slip out of your normal routine. Don’t wait until New Year’s to make your dental health a priority again. Maintain your healthy habits no matter the time of year. If you have a routine dental visit scheduled, keep the appointment. Your teeth actually need a cleaning now more than ever. Don’t forget to brush twice a day for two minutes each time and floss after at least one of those times.

5. Ask for or Give Oral Hygiene Products as Presents or Stocking Stuffers:

This year put a new toothbrush (maybe even an electric one), floss (the Waterpik Water Flosser works amazing and is easy to use as well), mouthwash, Glo whitening products, or any other oral hygiene product you could use on your Christmas list! If you are looking for a very practical and useful gift for someone you care about, consider giving them some oral care products! We could all do with receiving toothbrushes and floss, even if we’re already stocked up because you can never have too much of something so important and necessary.

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