4 Tips to Maintain White Teeth This Summer

Summer is a time for smiles. Whether you’re visiting friends and relatives, hosting a barbecue in your backyard, or dancing at a friend’s wedding, it’s important to have a smile that makes you feel confident. Your dentist in Gilbert, AZ, can help! By keeping your teeth clean and by seeking professional whitening services, you can enjoy white teeth throughout the summer.

1. Get your teeth professionally cleaned on schedule.

Most dentists recommend that their patients get their teeth cleaned every six months. If you haven’t been to the dentist in the last six months, it’s time. Get your teeth professionally cleaned to remove plaque and tartar that can cause stains and discolorations.

2. Have your teeth whitened.

Professional teeth whitening in Gilbert, AZ, can turn your teeth many shades whiter and can keep your teeth that way for a while. Professional teeth whitening is a great way to make your smile sparkle.

3. Maintain good oral hygiene at home.

Of course, you can’t have white teeth if you’re not cleaning your teeth effectively at home. Brush your teeth twice daily and floss once daily. Don’t forget to replace your toothbrush every three months. Also, get a tutorial from your dentist on brushing and flossing next time you’re at the dentist’s office to ensure that you’re doing it correctly.

4. Stay hydrated.

Summer is a time when it’s hard to stay hydrated. Drink enough water to keep your mouth sufficiently wet with saliva. Saliva helps keep your teeth clean and washes away bacteria that can lead to staining and bad breath.

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