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NuCalm is a natural form of sedation dentistry that is used to relax both the mind and body during a dental treatment. It involves a topical cream or dietary supplement, a microcurrent stimulation device, a relaxation eye mask, a NuCalm app, and headphones to create deep relaxation. This innovative technology allows the patient to enter a calmed and relaxed state-of-mind as they receive dental treatment. At Contemporary Dentistry in Gilbert, AZ, Dr. Kathy Jacobsen uses NuCalm for her patients that may be experiencing anxiety or fear about attending a dental treatment or exam.

Best Candidates

NuCalm is an ideal option for patients who want a natural approach to sedation dentistry. It can be used for a dental examination, cleaning, or treatment. NuCalm can help control stress and reduce anxiety both before and after treatment. Dr. Jacobsen can consult with you about all sedation dentistry options available to you prior to treatment to help you pick the best one for you.

What to Expect

The first step in the NuCalm process involves either applying the topical relaxation cream or taking the dietary supplements. These are used to counteract adrenaline. The microcurrent stimulation device will then be attached to the patient’s body and will work to interrupt the body’s natural stress response. The next step includes putting headphones on the patient which can be connected to the NuCalm app and can play relaxing music or nature sounds. The last step is for the patient to put on an eye mask and fall deeper into relaxation.


After the procedure or treatment, the NuCalm devices will be removed from the patient. The patient will feel relaxed, but not drowsy. They should be able to drive themselves home and return to their normal daily activities. Since NuCalm promotes relaxation and blocks stress, patients may experience a more efficient and quick recovery from any dental procedure.

Insurance Coverage

NuCalm may not always be covered by your specific insurance provider or policy. Before your treatment, our financial team will contact your provider to identify any additional costs. We also offer financial planning and monthly membership options with our Smiles Club.

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Relaxed Dentistry

With NuCalm, a patient can experience a natural way to enjoy an anxiety-free visit to the dentists. Dr. Jacobsen and her team at Contemporary Dentistry offer NuCalm as a way to create a positive dental experience for their patients. To learn more, contact our Gilbert, AZ office to schedule a consultation today.

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