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MTM aligners are custom, tight fitting covers for the teeth made from plastic or acrylic material. They are used to shift the teeth into their proper position over time. These aligners are clear so that they are less visible and they can be removed during eating, brushing, or flossing. At Contemporary Dentistry in Gilbert, AZ, Dr. Kathy Jacobsen provides MTM aligners for her patients that are wanting to enhance their smile and fix any spacing or crowding issues they may have with their teeth. To learn more about MTM aligners contact our office to schedule a consultation today. 

Best Candidates

An ideal candidate for MTM aligners is any individual looking to enhance their smile by realigning their teeth and getting rid of crowding, rotating, or spacing issues. Since they are clear, patients can enjoy the straightening effects without having to deal with metal wires or brackets. They can also be removed at anytime for the patient's convenience.

What to Expect

Each set of MTM aligners will be custom made based on the patient's current teeth position, calculated with photos, digital x-rays, and physical impressions. The patient will be given several sets of aligners at their visit and Dr. Jacobsen will check the fit of the first set and make adjustments. Patients should wear their aligners as much as possible, removing them only for eating and cleaning their teeth to get the fastest progress. Aligners will be worn for a specific period of time before they are replaced with a new set of aligners. Patients should schedule appointments to have their teeth and aligners checked every month to help Dr. Jacobsen estimate how much longer they will need treatment.


The amount of time that a patient wears each set of aligners and the overall length of time that they wear teeth aligners until their teeth are in their proper alignment. Dr. Jacobsen will help patients assess their progress at every visit and give their best estimate on how much longer the aligners will be worn. After the teeth are straight, the patient may continue to wear a set of aligners or a retainer for part of the day to ensure the teeth stay in position. 

Insurance Coverage

Depending on your dental insurance, some or none of your MTM aligners treatment may be covered. Our office will talk to your insurance to determine your benefits and give you a better estimate of your out-of-pockets costs before you decide to start treatment. For patients who do not have dental insurance or if their insurance will not cover their clear teeth aligners treatment, our office offers financing and several payment options, including our monthly membership of our Smiles Club.

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For adults and teens who have developed teeth and bones, MTM aligners are a great option to fix teeth that are crowded, poorly spaced, as well as underbites, overbites, and crossbites. With clear, tight-fighting aligners that gently move the teeth into a correct position, patients don't have to worry about the discomfort and unattractiveness of traditional metal orthodontics. Talk to Dr. Jacobsen of Contemporary Dentistry about MTM aligners and your options for straighter teeth.

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