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Emergency Dental Care Overview

A dental emergency can happen at any time, whether through an accident, injury, or trauma. It is important to identify what to do when you experience an oral injury. Some typical dental and oral injuries include, cracked, broken, or knocked-out teeth. All of these can cause significant pain and/or nerve damage. At Contemporary Dentistry, we provide emergency dental care to repair your smile and eradicate pain, while also preventing further infections. We always make your dental emergency a priority and Dr. Kathy Jacobsen provides quality care to get control of the situation before it gets worse. If you experience a dental emergency that consists of bleeding from the mouth, severe pain, loose teeth, being hit in the face or mouth, facial swelling, or bulging in your gums, contact our Gilbert, AZ office immediately.

Best Candidates for Emergency Dental Care

Anyone with a true emergency is a candidate for our emergency care services. As you can imagine, the scenarios are nearly endless. From chipped or cracked teeth to minor fractures or missing teeth and nerve damage. If the crack is severe, if a large piece is missing, or if you suspect nerve damage, it’s important to seek help immediately. If it is only a minor chip or fracture, it can probably wait until regular office hours. Other incidents can include a toothache, cavities, loose fillings, loose crowns, or swollen or infected gums. We also treat other types of emergencies like swollen jaws, a bitten lip or tongue, or even an object stuck painfully between your teeth. Dr. Jacobsen and her staff understand how traumatic it can be to have a dental emergency and have procedures in place to take care of you.

What To Expect from Emergency Dental Care

Are you experiencing teeth problems? Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with the dental professionals at Contemporary Dentistry. You can expect our emergency care services to redirect your dental disaster into a positive dental experience. Each emergency is unique to the patient, and we will focus our attention on your care while attending to your dental dilemma. Dr. Jacobsen will discuss with you about your treatment options, as well as the treatment process.

Follow-Up for Emergency Dental Care

Following any procedure, Dr. Jacobsen will provide detailed aftercare instructions to make sure the recovery process runs smoothly. She will also specify if any follow-up appointment will be necessary to evaluate the success of the treatment. If patients experience any significant pain, discomfort, or abnormalities after treatment they should contact our office immediately. 

Insurance Coverage for Emergency Dental Care

The cost and coverage of your treatment will depend on the specific treatments required. Prior to any procedure, our financial team will contact your insurance provider to evaluate any additional costs. Our office also provides financial planning and monthly memberships through our Smiles Club to help make treatment more affordable.

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When calling us, be sure to describe exactly what happened and precisely what you are feeling. Contemporary Dentistry is here to help fix your dental emergency, no matter what it may be. Whether you have experienced trauma or injury, we can help you restore your smile for both functionality and appearance. Call our office after hours when you need relief with your dental emergency.

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