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The Emerald Digital Scanner is used to create a 3D digital color model of your teeth and mouth, which can result in the creation of more customized and accurate impressions. The impressions can then be used to create dentures, implants, crowns, veneers, aligners, etc. At Contemporary Dentistry in Gilbert, AZ, Dr. Kathy Jacobsen uses the Emerald scanning technology to efficiently capture dental and oral images to provide more comfortable restorations, orthodontics, and other dental devices for her patients. It can also be used for mapping of the teeth and mouth. The Emerald Digital Scanner is a lightweight, handheld device that is glided across the patient’s teeth and mouth to create a digital image that appears on a monitor. It is a quick and noninvasive way to create impressions. To learn more about Emerald scanning technology, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Best Candidates

Anyone needing to receive impressions for a cosmetic, general, or restorative dental procedure can be a candidate for receiving an Emerald digital scan. It is especially helpful in creating full-mouth devices, such as night guards, dentures, or teeth aligners. Dr. Jacobsen will consult with you about creating customized and accurate impressions for your specific dental needs.

What to Expect

The Emerald Digital Scanner is a small device that is glided across the teeth and mouth. Dr. Jacobsen will begin by activating the device and will then start scanning your teeth. The scanner will be hooked up to a monitor so that Dr. Jacobsen can see the area. Once the scan is complete, she can create a complete digital model of the scanned area on the monitor. This can then be sent to the dental laboratory if necessary so that they can create the appropriate item.


Following the digital scan, patients will have to wait for their impression to be used in the laboratory. Once their restoration, orthodontic, or other dental device is complete, they will attend a follow-up appointment so that Dr. Jacobsen can make any adjustments for comfort and fit. With the Emerald scanner, patients should be able to receive a more accurate fit, with fewer changes needed to be made.

Insurance Coverage

Emerald digital scanning may be considered part of the process of receiving a separate dental treatment, which may vary the cost and coverage of the scan. Prior to the treatment, our financial team will contact your insurance provider to determine any out-of-pocket costs. Contemporary Dentistry also provides financial planning and monthly membership plans through our Smiles Club program, which we can discuss with you during your consultation.

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Customized Dental Impressions

More accurate dental impressions and mapping can lead to improved dental treatments overall. Dr. Jacobsen of Contemporary Dentistry is proud to offer Emerald digital scanning to her patients to create more customized treatments. With innovative technology and techniques, patients can feel secure that they are receiving the best treatment for their individual needs. To learn more, contact our Gilbert, AZ office to schedule your consultation.

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