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Diagnosing decay under the surface of the tooth can be difficult, especially when decay is occurring in the grooves and pits of the enamel. Digital x-rays do not always detect sub-surface decay, especially in its early stages. This is why Dr. Kathy Jacobsen of Contemporary Dentistry uses the Diagnodent cavity detector to evaluate areas within the tooth's structure. This state-of-the-art device uses laser fluorescence to detect areas of decay deep below the surface. By doing so, Dr. Jacobsen can help treat issues and conditions before they develop into a deeper or more serious infection. To learn more, contact our Gilbert, AZ office or schedule your consultation today.

Best Candidates

A good candidate for receiving DIAGNOdent cavity detection could be any individual experiencing multiple cavities that appear under the tooth's surface. It can help detect when a root canal treatment may be necessary and can help treat it before further pain occurs. As a more efficient way to detect cavities, DIAGNOdent can be a useful tool to create overall improved oral and dental health for any patient. 

What to Expect

Usually administered during a routine dental examination, DIAGNOdent can be used on both adults and children. It is a pen-shaped device that glides over the tooth to check for decay. When it detects a problem area it will signal a number scale to Dr. Jacobsen. The entire process is safe and does not require any type of anesthetic. It provides instant feedback about your dental health.

Treatment Aftercare

If a decayed tooth is detected during the DIAGNOdent detection, Dr. Jacobsen will create a treatment plan to help repair it. The smaller the area of decay is the less treatment and filling is needed, which is a major benefit of early detection. At Contemporary Dentistry, we encourage routine dental exams and cleanings in order to provide preventative measures against cavities and tooth decay.

Insurance Coverage

DIAGNOdent may or may not be covered by your insurance provider as part of a routine dental exam or cleaning. However, our financial team will contact your provider to determine any additional costs beforehand. Our office also offers financial planning and monthly membership plans through our Smiles Club.

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Catch Cavities Early

Early detection is important for minimizing the process of repairing the tooth. With DIAGNOdent patients can catch decay before it spreads and causes future problems. At Contemporary Dentistry, we proudly use DIAGNOdent to save our patients time and money in the future. To learn more, contact our Gilbert, AZ office today.

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