Dental implants are a great solution for a missing tooth. Many patients we see are missing a single tooth. Over the years we have recommended a dental bridge to replace it but some patients were hesitant to touch their adjacent teeth. These teeth were in great shape and they did not want to harm them. We can now replace the missing tooth without doing anything to the teeth that are next to it. Pateints feared that the bridge would cause the teeth to also have issues down the road and they were correct. With the dental implant no stress is placed on any of the other teeth in the mouth and in fact replacing the missing tooth the stress on other teeth becomes less.
If you have a missing tooth and are interested in replacement let us know. We are happy to discuss the dental implant option with you. Call Katie today to schedule a complimentary consultation at 480-507-1807. I look forward to giving you a great solution to all your smile concerns.

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